Cristina Bordin,
Design Principal

Cristina aims to create thoughtful, intentional and elegant driven spaces for her clients, while making the process enjoyable for everyone. Cristina brings a strong eye for design to everything she does and inspiration comes to her through traveling abroad and nature.

Cristina bordin design principal at greenline

For her, designing means making sensitive decisions for her clients while using simplicity, elegance, and a balance of style and emotion so that their spaces can have a brighter life.

Born and raised in Brazil, Cristina has had a passion for design her entire life. Cristina believes that living in New York City, traveling to foreign countries and living in the dynamic city of Austin, TX have fueled her passion for design with an organic blend of styles, while respecting each space for its function and architecture. A culmination of her passion for the arts and design as well as her business background led her to launch her design and staging business.

In her spare time, Cristina creates sculptures or tries new forms of art as another way to keep challenging herself.

She also dedicates time to support local organizations, including the ACC Alumni Advisory Council. Cristina and her husband live in Austin, TX with their rescue cat Little Girl.